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About Us


About us Grass Dubai.com: In providing our services to human governance, we have spent many years of excellence. A path to bold decisions, innovative solutions and new technologies that had made us to become the largest carpet manufacturers in Dubai, UAE. We are Offering you a wide range of  carpet tiles and artificial grass, Grass Dubai Carpets is one of the largest carpet manufacturing facilities company in the world and one of the recognized firm for supplying best grass carpets around UAE.


Believe On Quality
Cheap Prices
Use Quality of Material

Artificial Grass:

Turfs from Standard Carpets bring you to the world of some kind of natural grass for landscaping and other special purposes such as stadiums, be it hockey, football, or tennis, and multi-use purposes. It is more precise and important for Golf practice.

The motivation for producing artificial grass came about because our roots lie in the desert. We have seen the need for artificial grasses in dry and arid climates in our region. We continue to study in depth and research to make a product that looks as real as natural grass, but that requires little care.

  • Low maintenance: Keep tools and staff contracts without the need for shearing, weeding or assembling
  • Climate Resistance: Stable and water-resistant artificial grasses are always free of rain or light
  • Free Irrigation: Eliminate concerns about adequate water supply
  • Zero Supplements: Enjoy a beautiful environment without the need for fertilizers or pesticides
  • Great Savings: Save time, money and resources and choose artificial grass

Grass in Dubai:

From organic to finely synthetic products, we ensure complete quality control at all levels and deliver consistent premium products. In decoring your homes and office court yards and back yards Design:  we believe in innovation and creativity. Combining high performance with state-of-the-art technology, our expert team makes real and unique designs to suit every taste and needs.

Dubai Grass:

Our turfs and synthetic fibers are known for their unique and beautiful design, quality production, and reliable technical service. Our customers look for excellent service in quality construction, planning and carpet. Our team is present at almost every step of the way to help access construction ideas from air construction to body samples to systems completed at the port.

Our team of interior designer and integrated production house enables us to provide custom products that meet the high expectations of our customers in design, color and performance.

Grass Dubai Synthetic Carpets promises to give you the true impact on the environment by managing our resources, processes and staff in a fair and dignified manner.

  • We are driven by our mission to provide the best value for new high quality products and aim to be a place where removable carpets.
  • We are expert in the state-of-the-art technology in carpets and equipment such as outdoor carpeting, exterior materials and turfs made and crafted, connecting lines and processes to meet all the needs to fulfill the demands of our customers.
  • As a vertically integrated company, We ensures attention at all stages of the production process. Having the whole process enables us to provide flexible, creative and customized solutions to our customers.
  • Our commitment to quality begins with our decision to produce only colored dye and is extracted using a pre-dye solution, which combines color directly with fiber during production and offers the following advantages compared to other dyeing methods:
  1. There is almost no water pollution
  2. Quick and natural color
  3. High end resistance
  • Excellent resistance to UV and heat
  1. Wide selection of colors
  2. Really durable and natural
  3. For commercial and personal use these synthetic turfs are excellent choice

Our Mission:

` we want to find new ways to serve our customers better, every day. With efficiency and hard work, we are driven by the same goal: to give value. Price with new products, high quality, efficient service and dedicated support is the way we exceed the expectations of daily customers. We believe that we satisfy our customers with our services.

The standard Carpets of manufactured soccer jerseys are manufactured to provide a suitable soccer field and follow strict European quality standards. With artificial football turfs from Grass Dubai Carpets, you can play all day, every day. The cost of maintenance is very low and lasts a very long time even if it is used extensively, UV-resistant turf stays green throughout its life. . With a feel like natural grass, the open playground also provides a popular ‘slide’ for players. The entire climate zone is ideal inside and out and has consistent fixed lines.

Our Vision:

Efficiency and flexibility are key to all processes in Grass Dubai. All of our products can be customized to suit all the needs of our customers. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do and strives to provide affordable and environmentally friendly solutions.

We, at Grass Dubai, are committed to providing the highest quality carpets and related services to the satisfaction of all our customers. It is our company’s policy to embrace the knowledge, awareness and skills only of our employees and the company to continue to improve quality in line with the requirements of the quality management system.

Our special carpet fabric recognizes the importance of R&D in providing the lowest price solutions to the carpet industry and excellence in the field of new product development which is an ongoing process and an integral part of the company’s workbook.